Philosophy of the invincible warrior

From the Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System

The invincible warrior has no fear of failure within them. The common fighter is consumed with fear and losing. The fighter is afraid of losing their public stature and revealing their true nature for the world to see. Most of all, the common fighter is scared of confirmation ot themself of what they already know, and that they are not a true warrior. There is no fear of death within the invincible warrior. They have found within themself a belief structure that allows them to let go of their currrent level of existence if need be. This does not mean that the warrior does not value life, but that this huan form is only one level of existence and that all things simple die within time. This is the understanding that death is apart of life. When it comes to battle, there is no need ot fear any creature man or beast, cause any living thing can have life taken from it. There is nothing that can be done to you, that cannot be done unto others ( the enemy).  Being invincible means much more than not being able to be defeated on a mere physical level.

Invincibiltiy begins and exists with an unbeatable mind. If your mind accepts the possibility of defeat, no matter how hard you train you will remain easily defeatable. The mind controls the body and the body cant do something the mind has not the will for. If you do not accept the possibility of defeat  and your mind is free from all internal battles and influence, the battle is 75% won. Once the mind is set, it is the body that needs to be conditioned and strengthened to it can carry the physical burden its commanded to. The common fighter can be defeated by the sheer presence of the invincible warrior. The  invincible warrior stands tall and is expressionless cause he is free from all intent battles. His power raidiates off of him. This is partly because  he faces battle not caring for the outcome and only thinking of the moment at hand…..and is prepared for whatever may come.

Warriorism is the living of life by realizing one is great by birth and that this greatness is inherent in one’s being as a human. One who strives to live as a warrior does so by constantly developing their attributes and capabilities both physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The sword does not make the man, the man makes the sword. Your power does not come from any weapon in your posession or any techniques you may know. It comes from inside, your spirit.

In fighting the enemy you should battle fullheartedly and be prepared to do all it takes for victory. From using unfair tactics to using lethal ones if necessary.You should employ any attributes and tactics in your arsenal ; be it your explosive speed, vocabulary of maneuvers, or your crushing strength and power.  If you are not willing to destroy another being, then you have no buisness on the battlefield.

If your goal is to risk your life to bite off your opponet’s nose, there should be great chance of your success. You may be heavily injured but you should reach your goal, because that is the type of “emotional content” you should carry yourself with, and battle with. Letting nothing inhibit you from completion of your task. This teaches you that putting your life on the line may be the only way to save it, the lives of your loved ones, or your community.

Many people make the mistake of thinking about winning and losing when dealing with combat. This thought should not enter your mind, because the only thing that matters is your survival. One person walks away, the other may not, after battle has transacted. It is the end that crowns us, not the fight. You only win or lose in sports, in reality it is life and death.

As long as you are alive after the dust settles on the battlefield, you are victorious. You can only truly be defeated in death.

Victory in combat is all a matter of dominating your opponets. No matter if it is by forceful or non forceful means, in order to defeat your advasary, you must beat them inot submission or flight, or make them lose their will to continue. Your tools are your intelligence, spirit, strength, and physical capabilities.

The warrior frees themself from the notion of defeat by not caring about victory.

The warrior spends their life studying and training their mind , body and spirit for a battle that they may not know is comming, when it may come, or what form it may come in. Most of all, the warrior does not expect to survive it, they just paln on fighting with all their might. Living through it is just seen as a benefit.