European Historian Sir Godfrey Higgins wrote – The originals of all the Gods have been of the black race. The ancients viewed the sacred image of the Divine as Black, with wooly hair being a sign of divinity, called “the hair of the Gods”. 

The Power of Hair

Like Christ, “his son” and all the founders of the worlds religions, God himself had kinky, nappy hair according to the Bible, where God-the “Ancient of days” is described as having hair “like the pure wool”  (Daniel 7;9).  The book of Enoch (46;1) states the same ” There I beheld the Ancient of days, whose head was like white wool….”.  The power that cuases the galaxies to sprial, stars, planets, and atoms to spin, thatcuases the double helix sprial of the DNA molecule all comes from the power of spiral energy that permeates the universe….and beyond for that matter.  In refrence to hair, this element causes spiraling in the hair, and is the core of the ELEMENTS that come in conjunction with those in posession of spiraling hair. While those with nappy, kinky, wooly, bushy or frizzy hair are foremost though of in relation to the spiraling of the hair and it’s energies, it is by no means something only those of these hair types posess. Those with stright hair also have a spiral on their heads. it is blatantly obvious in the whrol pattern at the top rear of the head, from which their hair grows forth from in spiral. Their hair is straight,but it grows forth from a spiral. The differing factor with those with “wooly” hair is that their hair both grows out from the spiral in the top rear of the head, as well as the hair it’s self is coiled, spring-like, and spiraled,containing both properties. Nappy and straight haired people both hold the spiral properties/ powers of spiral energy in their hair.

The words spin, spiral, and spiritual all have common roots. The suppreme and most high power spins and is spiritual. Think in terms of science and that every major working factor in the universe works in a spiral or rotational energy / motion. Think of the planets, think of the forces of nature like hurricanes and tornadoes, and those are the most obvious examples. Without the spi-ral there is no spi-rit and hence, can be no life. Even your blood flows in a spiral in your veins throught your body. In references to hair, it is no wonder Shamans and other spiritual people over time would let their hair grow and lock up spirally, or lock it up spirally. This type of hair was seen as spiritual and ofdivinity, hence it was called “the hair of the Gods”

Hair as antennae which can recieve and transmit energy ; The power / properties of spiral hair

Hair is the reciever and transmitter of divine emanation. it makes you receptive to spiritual forces. Saints and Sages instinctively let their hair grow. Rastafarians regard their locked or “dreadlocked” hair as high tension wires which transmit energy from Jah (God) the Creator, to Rasta (the mirror). Within the temple of God, our head is the Holy of holies as it is our highest point. They see the Hair as a natural crown; like the spire of a Church, our connection with God. Throughout nature, spiraling energy (whirlpools, eddies, tornadoes etc.) manifest at great speed, drawing their energy from the power of the spiral. When waterflows doen the drain, it does so in a spiral, picking up speed as it goes, so much so that it causes a suction. In refrence to hair, energy flowing through spiral hair ( electric properties etc) willpick upextra speed,enhancing thiswhole process and possibly enabling new and further properties. Certainly energy flowing through spiral hair would also spirally enter the millions of nervepaths leading to the brain, and ultimately the “third eye” to facilitate spiritual awareness, telepathy, preception, revelation, thought, and whom knows what else.



The history of spiraled, nappy, and “dreadlocked” hair


The Prophet Jesus was a Nazarite. A vow of the Nazarenes was to never cut their hair but “let the locks of the hair of their head grow” (Num 6;2 & 5 ) and (Lev 19;27 & 21:5). The word Nazarite is from nazar meaning ushorn or consecrated to God. it has nothing , in fact, to do with Nazareth. Further support for this is in India, nazar means sight andinternal orsupernatural vision. The Nazarenes ( also known as the Essenes) were reknown for their Prophets or “seers”.


The most famous example of locked hair, he had seven locks or dreadlocks (Jud 13;5 & 16;17 & 19). Sampson was the judaic version of the Sungod called Shams-On in Arabia, Shamash in Babylon, Hercules in Greece, and  the Sungod Ra in Egypt. Sampson’s seven locks were the sun’s rays with their seven colors or vibrations. his loss of hishair meant the cutting of the Sungod’s rays in the winter season when he comes weak.


She was the African serpent Goddess representing female wisdom and was called the mother of all Gods, whom she bore before childbirth existed. LAter Europen mythos transformed her legend into a Gorgon who had a head ofsnakes for hair and a look that turned men to stone. The truth is obviousin the fact that the true Gorgons were a trinity of Medusa, Stheino, and Euryale or Wisdom, Strength, and Universality. Clearly not names nor attributes of monsters. The hair of Medusa’s headwas not snakes either, but actuallylocks / dreadlocks.

Fu Hsi

The “Son of Heaven” and legendary Emperor of China was of a black complexion and had “wooly” hair.


Buddha of India was Black,that’s why the oldest images of him always depict him with small tight curls (peppercorn style,or in cornrows). Early sculptures clearly portray him as Africoid with him having a wide nose and full lips. In someinstances he even had locks / dreadlocks.

History of Buddha and his Africoid origins ;


Krishna of India was “blue – black”. His name it’s self means “The Black One”. He is always protrayed with Black or Blue skin and even the Cambridge Enclycopedia stated his hair was “wooly” although sometimes depicted as locked/ dreadlocked.

Lao Tse

Lao Tse of Taoism was “born of a virgin, black in complexion, marvelous and beautiful as jasper” as is told. Temples were erected tohim and some even worshipped the wise man as a God.


Quezetzalcoatl Mexico was recognized as the Messiah by seers and astrologers; his head rayed, his complexion black, and his hair woolly.