The Book of five rings is the legendary text by the Japanese swordsman Musashi Miyamoto. In the Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System (UBWPS) we undergo a study of a multitude of philosophies and texts as apart of scholarship and higher learning. Through these studies in combination from the things learned from a multitude of other respective cultures we gather our own thoughts and interpretations that we use we use to continually foster our own ideals of warriorism, better living, deeper thinking and self education as those whom life the warrior lifestyle.  The following are some of the things we have come to learn from our study of those whom have come before us. More specifically, in regards to this classical and respected text.

   The manner in which a warrior carries himself is of the utmost importance both physically and mentally. You are undoubtedly familiar with men whom are quiet and strong and seem to be doing nothing. They do not appear to be tense and do not appear to be in disarray. They simply appear. This is exactly the appearance for which they strive. When necessary to attack, they do so without complete resolve, sure of themselves, neither with overbearing in attitude or with false humility. They attack with one purpose and one purpose only – to destroy the enemy.  They do not take false postures when they prepare for attack. They simply attack with all their soul.  A small man can beat a much larger man and one man can beat many in a fight.  Allow your wisdom to develop by constantly striving to prefect yourself in your own art and understanding the arts of others.  When you understand yourself and you understand the enemy you cannot be defeated. Be aware at all times of what is right and wrong among men. Do not permit yourself to be intimidated by the size of the enemy.  Weather on or off the battlefield, there is no difference in spirit. The warrior sees all of life as a battlefield. Do not lose heart if the enemy’s appearance is overwhelming. You must commit yourself to constant study in order to develop perfection in your soul evident in the demeanor of your spirit.     

A warrior has only one objective – to destroy the enemy by whatever means necessary. If you do not understand this teaching then how can you ever hope to do what you are trying to accomplish ? You must go into combat with the attitude of absolutely destroying the enemy. If you do not develop this attitude, then what are you doing there in the first place ? Combat fighting is not done for fun. Even in practice sessions you must have the attitude of going in for the kill. Remember the main idea behind becoming a warrior is learning how to destroy the enemy. Without destroying the enemy you are playing a child’s game. Destroy the at any cost even if it means that you yourself may possibly be hurt in the exchange. Think of nothing but cutting the enemy down. Even when large armies go into battle, their main attitude must be to destroy the enemy, otherwise they will lose and be disgraced. There is no other reason to be a warrior.

                                                                        – Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

The true warrior is a master of themselves and their spiritual energy. When the time comes for action, they do not have to “hype” themselves up or try to adrenalize their physical state before they take action. Staying always at they center, they are free to move in between extremes or stay in place, and take action……..any action…….naturally and with emotional content. Not anger, not aggression, not out of fear or anything else. The warrior aims to avoid battle at all costs, but when the situations will not allow avoidance, they act with good judgment and confidence behind what they are doing. Full commitment without hesitating, second guesses, or looking back. They do not verbalize with false bravado nor try to gain intimidation with physical posturing. These are petty physical action used by the common fighter or brute, but not the warrior whom is skilled, intelligent and classy. The first thing that hits the opponent of the warrior is their spirit, not their fists, and this happens before the first blow is even given, and many times can neutralize a confrontation before it becomes physical.  Because the warrior has such control over themselves and spirit, and have perfected and understand themselves and skills, they can defeat one man or many men in battle. They are not hesitant in the face of the size, weaponry, or appearance of the enemy, they use these things to analyze them and bring out their swift defeat.  The warrior knows that they can be defeated but have no fear of it because they know the opposition can too. They know victory in combat is all about whom can force their ability/ strengths upon the opposition’s weaknesses first and effectively. Acting in good judgment and righteous / logical purpose the warrior knows themselves, their enemy, and the situation. Their firm understanding of right and wrong allows them to use good judgment in action. This involves the warrior standing down when wrong and standing up when right.

– Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System