There is no need to wait for the enemy to start combat. You go Into the attack and if the enemy decides to go in at the same time then you must be quicker, more focused, and more resolved. It is essential that you go into the attack with your body leading your hands and feet. You achieve this by having a more determined attitude and a stronger spirit. Have no preconceived ideas about how a situation should come out. Go into the attack with the attitude of destroying the enemy and you surely will if your spirit is up to the occasion and your heart is into the matter and you do not fear the possibility of being hurt in the exchange. Press in hard with your body, shout with force and authority, and let your hands come out of nowhere to destroy the enemy. 

You can never waiver with the intent of your attack. Go in deeply with the body. Not doing so will permit your enemy to find a opening and perhaps destroy you. This you do not want. Go into the attack with everything you have and then, if necessary, regroup and do it again.

                                       – Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

If you know you are in danger or combative action is imminent, then why would you fully wait to be attacked before you did something, be it non-physical or physical. Should your level of awareness see the threat emanating, you should take action exactly at that point, not waiting for the preparation of the adversary. When engaged in battle, if you and the aggressor advance at the same time and clash, then you must utilize your technique and strategy to take advantage. You should not be afraid to clash, just have a method when you do, do not do so blindly. You must commit to what you are doing when you go in. To do anything halfheartedly will gain halfhearted results. You cannot be distracted on how the battle will end or what will happen during the midst of battle, because that is sure to lead to defeat. You must be focused on the moment and time at hand……that moment……because the present moment dictates that future. Whether you are clashing (head to head meeting) or exchanging (trading) with your opponent you must not allow your focus or spirit to break. If you do, that one instant in time will be the open door that lets your opponent in.

– Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System

When you clash with another warrior and there is no release of conviction on either part, you must employ a diversion in your attack. Strike high, low, and middle using whatever means are necessary to finish off  the opponent. You must learn different combinations and techniques down to your soul and they must come without thinking. In unarmed forms fighting , you attack with punches, kicks, and strikes in rapid succession without pause. Each and every attack you make must be done with full force and authority. You cannot attack half-heartedly. When you finish with one technique, you must continue on with yet another and another until you have attained your goal, which is to destroy the enemy.

                                  – Miyamoto Musashi, Book of Five Rings

The warrior should study the craft of combatives well enough to have a number of tactics and combinations of numbers of tactics. This gives them options. All the movements in the world mean  nothing though, if they are not done with enough repetitions to become muscle memory. One should know how to attack in combination using numerous types of techniques, and most possess follow-through when using them. This comes only from committing to the techniques and being confident in the techniques. That is attained through strenuous training.

– Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System

The falling leaves cut. Falling leaves means that you drop onto the enemy with subtle but overwhelming strategy. Falling on the enemy is attacking without preconceived ideas as to how to conclude the battle. In this way, you will gain control over the enemy’s sword. It is essential that you practice powerful deflection and parrying techniques. Strive to control your enemy’s sword. Without practiced deflection and parrying techniques you are left with only the possibility of having to constantly get around the enemy.

                              –  Miyamoto Musashi

Strategy is part and parcel with vocabulary of fighting techniques. Strategy is what allows you to use your techniques in the right way and the less strategy or concepts you have, the less option you will have in battle, regardless of how many fighting movements you know. The warrior masters techniques as well as strategy, and engages in battle with intelligence first and foremost. The warrior whom has reached this level has no fear of fighting because when they do fight, all they see is openings. This is because they have the strategy to go along with their fighting abilities. They know in order for the opponent to hurt them, they must get close enough, and are close enough themselves to be harmed. The warrior knows that every time the aggressor moves or attacks, they have to open themselves up, creating a target. The warrior knows that every technique has a counter or reversal and it will become apparent if they maintain mental self control. The warrior knows that the same methods they know can be applied to them but they rest assured knowing more importantly, that they can be applied to the opponent. These simple concepts and stratagem’s are endless are are a fundamental part of strategy and of mastering strategy.

– Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System