Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System

Hacomtaewresdo Warriorism

The concept of fighting negative energy;

For those whom believe in the concept of their being a devil, and that this devil brings about bad things, energy, and circumstances, take this knowledge to heart as a way to combat him in life. The warrior scholar will walk away with the Universal concept of how to combat negative energy in life.

The devil is evil, pure hatred and dark, negative energy. He gains his strength by claiming the minds, bodies, and souls of people and turning them to his ways. He tries to break good people by being a plague to their lives. He will take away the things an individual loves, be they material possessions, beneficial relationships, loved ones or hopes and dreams. He will attack on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes to find what weaknesses he can to exploit. When he does this, if successful, he puts that person at their lowest point and strives to break their faith and any hope they have. This will in turn make the person become bitter, angry, and dark, leading to their further decent into his clutches.

As an individual, I have been fortunate enough in my path of life to have had elders whom passed down wisdom to me of such things and how I can best combat them and walk in power. It can be hard and sometimes one may falter at points, but that all comes with the battle of life. Battle involves struggle. Anyone though, can have a warrior spirit and train themselves by the mental attributes to allow them to wall tall on the battlefield of life;
self control, indomitable spirit, focus, intelligence, courage, perseverance all these and many more things. One must also remember the universal laws of karma and how the energy you place forth is the energy you eventually receive in the universal circle of power. Also that too, the best way to combat negative energy or darkness, is to spread positive or good energy and be a light in them midst of darkness.

Food for thought from a warrior-philosopher and scholar
Headmaster Abraham Hardy, Ultimate lutalo