In the Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy school of concepts, for us as warriors, leadership is a paramount concept. Being a leader encompasses many things, like foremost having the skills, mentality, and ability to lead others. Being a great leader comes from being a great follower and the experience gained. Having the respect of others so that they trust in you and are willing to heed you is another aspect of being a leader. One has to earn and be worthy of that respect, and respect period.

Being a leader can be a very hard and lonely road, filled with adversity and heavy responsibility. The true warrior- leader leads by example. They understand the strategy of life as well as of the battlefield, and they make decisions and sacrifices today to ensure tomorrows victory.

Others will not always like, agree, or understand the methods and ways of the warrior-leader. Others may feel there are different ways or better ways of doing something. But the warrior -leader separates their emotions and feelings from the development of plans and strategy because they know that personal preference and comfort do not correlate with battle tactics .

The warrior-leader makes decisions and does what is best not for himself, but for everyone, regardless if others see or understand it at the time. This may place strain on friendships / relationship but the warrior-leader cannot and will not waver because they know that victory is dependent upon them. Knowing this, the warrior leader trusts that in the end, their actions will show proof to to others that they had righteous and correct intentions from the beginning.