HCW-CAUCA’s Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System Introduction



    The Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System was officially founded and recognized internationally in 2004. It was further recognized and found to be a legitimate system of modern warrior philosophy by the experts of the world governing body of theWorld United Martial Arts Federation (WUMA) inthe United Kingdom in 2004. It is taught as apart of the philosphical training of the Hacomtaewresdo Combat Arts & Urban Combatives Association (HCW-CAUCA).

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– Message from the founder

This system of philosophy happened by “accident” as i say, but was it really and accident or destiny ? I guess it depends on what you believe in.  Long story short, in self educating in multiple religions and philosophies, i took notes, recorded my own thoughts and opinions, and keot a tight refence of all studies. At the end of it all i had learned so much and gaiend so much insight, i said to myself, should i not share this knowledge with others ? I had all the mass of information right there, and so it came to  pass.  The Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System (UBWPS) came about, and was later recognized as a legitimate system of warrior philosophy by the organization WUMA U.K. The Universal belief is bascally study of multiple religions and philosophies. their histories and the point of their teachings. e do this from an unbiased viewpoint looking to widen our perspective past what we were taught or programmed with from our own cultures and wholistically see from a world view, not just a community view of teaching and customs nearby us. We study all religions and philosophy as one whole connecting the similarities, and contrasting the differences, pulling principles that we can learn to better live our lives and be. Attaing knoweldge cultivates intelligence, and intelligence leads to wisdom which is the overall goal. you cannot attain true wisdom or insight learning just one method or way, cause it wil not contain all factors. This lifestyle of study also promotes being a scholar and contunied learning which is a must for mental and spiritual health, excersizing the muscles of the mind. We then take a look at warriorism and what it means to be a warrior, this is the Warrior Philosophy aspect of the system. This way of thought was designed for warriors and hence, the warrior philosophy is the core of it. Being wholistic or “all encompassing” we look at many different types of warriorism, and from all prior knowledge form new and fresh perspectives  (same as in out Universal Belief studies) and implement them. It is not about static, rigid doctrine, but about a strong, freeflowing mind and spirit. Pliable enough to bend when pushed just to bounce back explosively. Soft as water able to be hit and smashed but unable to be destroyed.  Like water, able to wear away the tallest mountain given enough time, able to take the shape of whatever you pour it into or able to flow lightly or crash with destructive force.

Coming from an extensive background of research, training, and study in the martial / warrior arts and sciences, Abraham Hardy is the founder and Headmaster instructor of the Hacomtaewresdo Warrior Arts, and the Hacomtaewresdo Combat Arts & Urban Combatives Association. Abraham holds numerous accomplishments in the martial arts, among them being the youngest Headmaster instructor in the history of the World United Martial Arts Federation.

Abraham began training in the warrior arts at the age of  9 years old for purposes of self defense. That small start grew into a lifetime endavour. Abraham decided he wanted he wanted to be a True Warrior and fully learn and embody all it encompassed. Abraham studied the lives of many atheletes from past to present; Muhummad Ali, George Foreman, Evander Holyfield, of course the great Bruce Lee, and many others. He saw in these great modern warriors that a spiritual / philosophical quest and discovery took them to the heights of their abilities. Abraham understood a true warrior could never achieve mastery without a spiritual or philosophical presence of some sort in their lives. This falls in line with the mind-body-spirit connection inherent in all warrior arts of all places of the world, since ancient times.

As a youth, Abraham knew his faith was weak. He was a believer, but due to the things he faced in his life as a youngster, his faith was not that strong. So it was upon this realization that Abraham began his quest for spiritual and philosophical insight, as well as wisdom. Abraham began to study many different religions and systems of philosophy. As he studied, he accepted what he felt made sense, he related to, or could apply to make him a bettter person. What he did not understand, felt was not right, or felt was of no aid to him in this quest, Abraham left out. Abraham documented his studies and compared all his sum knowledge to see if it fit and nothing that nothing contradicted anything else. From there, he added his own form of warriorism. All the things he learned from martial arts like codes of conduct, moral tenets, and the warrior’s mentality. In his pursuits, he claims no religous affiliation, but studied first hand with Christians in the Church, Muslims at the Mosque, and with Buddhists at a Buddhist Temple. He also went into deep book study of These religions and a multitude of others, so he has hands on study as well as informal self imposed studies making up his experience.

When Abraham finished his studies, as a believer in God, a Higher Power, he felt closer to God and that the things he learned made him a better and wiser person, contributing to that. His faith became solid and be had confidence in it. It was never Abraham’s goal to make a philosophical system. Once he looked at all his research left before him, he thought about how all he learned changed his life. It built his faith, made him wise, and enabled him to deal with life, others, and situations in life better. Abraham thought what if he put all this research together in a way he could spread and teach it to others ? Would that not be a good thing ?

So Abraham did just that and hence the Universal Belief & Warrior Philosophy System came to be. It is a combination of knowledge, beliefs, and principles from many faiths and philosophies like Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Zen Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Bushido, Shinto, Hinduism, and many others, all backed by warrior philosophy. For the “Universal Believer” their goal is to take positive knowledge comming from a multitude of places and apply it to themselves and lives to become better people and live better lives. All while maintainig a warrior’s strength, mentality and focus. Anyone can be a Universal believer, be you a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, any. This is because this system of philosophy for anyone and all, not based around doctrine, but around the concept of  being a open minded scholar.


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